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A Boiler Brand Established Over 75 Years Ago Supplying Combi, System and LPG Boilers.

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Termet UK is a leading European manufacturer of heating equipment – including gas boilers, water heaters and solutions based on renewable energy sources. Termet UK’s focus on the production of high quality machines has resulted in a high level of specialisation in the market, allowing solutions for the many different sized homes and buildings across the UK. Termet UK offers its customers products of the highest quality and reliability at the same price, and often better price, than its competitors.

Our promise to you

At Termet UK we promise to provide our customers with a wide range of high quality condensing boilers – using ecological and renewable energy solutions.

We have achieved this through years of systematic analysis of our systems, those available on the market and the needs and wants of our clients.

We aim to make sure that our customers can easily contact our team of experts with any queries and to be as transparent as possible. If we give a price for installing and providing a new condensing boiler with flue kit, that is exactly what we will do. There are no hidden fees to catch you out; we simply do what we promise.







Expert Knowhow

Termet Thermostat Tech

  • Individual temperature control in up to 6 rooms!
  • Weekly temperature controls at intervals
  • Weather regulator function
  • Remote control of hot water temperature
  • Monitor heating system operation
  • History of system operations and emergency situations

“We’re so happy with the new boiler – it really is as powerful and quiet as the Termet UK team promised us.”

“Thank you for offering a great price compared to our other quotes and providing what so far seems to be a brilliant boiler.”

Only the best – Diagnostic Kits and thermostat tech

Our promise includes top of the line boiler tech including multiroom thermostats and a Service App diagnostic kit, which has the following functions:

  • monitoring of boiler operation
  • configuration of service parameters
  • change of operating mode and settings
  • diagnostic of error codes with full description

7 Year Guarantee

95% thermal efficiency

hot water flow – 14 litres per min. (24kWH-C.H. /30KwH-D.H.W.)

Seven Year Guarantee

Super Quiet

Low Nox Emissions

95% Thermal Efficiency

Highest quality 'A' Rated Boilers


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Sometimes it can be difficult to choose the right boiler so if you answer a few questions on our contact page we can help you choose the best condensing boiler for your property.

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