Ecocondens Crystal Plus 50


ECOCONDENS CRYSTAL PLUS 50 boilers are intended to heat large areas (large single-family houses, multi-family residential buildings, tenement houses). Devices belong to ecological and economical heating units. By using ECOCONDENS CRYSTAL PLUS 50 you may build a heat-only boiler station with power up to 225 kW. All the devices are connected in cascade by one cascade manager.

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Boiler Overview

  • Easily convertible from COMBI to LPG by simple settings change
  • heat exchanger made of stainless steel
  • new generation stainless steel heat exchanger with aluminium burner door, resulting in less heat loss
  • stepless speed regulation fan (controlled electronically)
  • cylinder burner made of stainless steel – low level of NOx emission (6th class)
  • domestic hot water cylinder by 3-way valve (refers to system boilers)
  • modern and transparent control panel
  • complete system of safety measures
  • works with cascade managers
  • circulation pump with automatic air-vent
  • Open-therm system available.


Thermal power (at temp. 80/60°C)5,5-45,0 kW
Thermal power (at temp. 50/30°C)6,1-49,6 kW
Heat load5,7-46,2 kW
Seasonal space heating energy efficiency ηs94 %
Efficiency of the boiler at nominal load and average
boiler water temperature of 70°C
97,4 %
Efficiency of the boiler at partial load
and return water temperature of 30°C
107,7 %
Seasonal space heating energy efficiency classA
Useful heat output at rated thermal power P4 (for modulated
boilers – arithmetic mean of min and max)
45,0 kW
Useful heat output at 30% of rated power P1 (for modulated
boilers – 30% of arithmetic mean)
14,6 kW
Efficiency η488 %
Efficiency η197,5 %
Max water pressure3 bar
Max CH temperature95 °C
Standard adjustable temperature20-80 °C
Pump head at 0 flow0,7 bar
Range of water temperature regulation35-65 °C
Domestic water flow at Δt=30K12,0 dm³/min
Sound power level LWA69 dB
Emission of nitrogen dioxide50 mg/kWh
Emission class of nitrogen dioxide (NOx)6
Max. amount of condensate (natural gas)4,7 l/h
Expansion vessel capacity8 dm³
Standby mode power consumption PSB0,005 kW
Electricity consumption at full load elmax0,10 kW
Electricity consumption at partial load elmax0,07 kW
Type and supply voltage~230±10%/50Hz V
Protection degreeIPX4D
Heating water and gas connectionG3/4 inch
Dimensions730x400x440 mm
Weight37,5 kg
Heat exchanger materialstainless steel

The mobile App Comfort Version and the mobile app Service Version diagram show just how easy it is for you to connect to and control your boiler and heating system, monitor the operation of the boiler against the service parameters and diagnose any error codes.

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