Additional Equipment for Heat Pumps

Module BB

Module BB is a device which controls the central heating circuit by connecting it to the mixer drive and the circulation pump. In addition, it has a function to control the circulation pump for hot water. It communicates with the regulators via the RS485 digital interface in C14 standard.

Nano One Panel

The Nano One panel is a digital control module designed for room temperature control. It has the ability to control heating and cooling, as well as to set daytime and holiday temperature. Switching between day and night temperature is done automatically using a programmed daily and weekly schedule. It is also equipped with a schedule for public holidays, as well as manual operation mode and standby mode. Nano One has a backlit LCD graphic display and touch keypad. Additionally, it is built in an aesthetic wall-mounted housing.


The Solato module with a LAN socket allows you to connect a regulator or a network of regulators working in the COMPIT C14 protocol to a  program that allows  to manage all functions via the Internet – the SOLATO Internet platform.

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Termet Air Premium fan heat pump
Termet Air Premium fan heat pump
Termet Air Premium fan heat pump


Supply voltage230V, 50Hz
Temperature sinch1 °C
Operating temperature0-55 °C
Dimensions150 x 145 x 145 mm
Setting range of room temperature0-40 °C
Temperature sinch0,5 °C
Operating temperature0-55 °C
Dimensions121 x 100 x 22 mm
Displayliquid crystal display
Operating temperature0-55 °C
Dimensions103 x 145 x 45 mm

The manufacturer reserves the right to change the device’s structure which do not have a significant impact on functional and technical characteristics of a product.

The mobile App Comfort Version and the mobile app Service Version diagram show just how easy it is for you to connect to and control your boiler and heating system, monitor the operation of the boiler against the service parameters and diagnose any error codes.

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