The OpenTherm ST-2801 WiFi multi-purpose room regulator is intended for controlling gas boilers with OpenTherm communication protocol. The device enables the user to control room temperature (CH circuit) as well as domestic hot water temperature (DHW) without the need to go to the boiler room.

A BRief Summary

  • Smart control of room temperature
  • Smart control of the pre-set CH boiler temperature
  • Adjusting pre-set room temperature on the basis of current external temperature (weather-based control)
  • Weekly house&DHW heating schedule
  • Informing about heating device alarms
  • Alarm clock
  • Auto lock
  • Anti-freeze function
  • Large touch screen
  • Built-in room sensor
  • Flush-mountable
Setting range of room temperature5-40 °C
Supply voltage230V +/- 10% / 50Hz
Temperature sinch+/- 0,1°C
Operating temperature5-50 °C
Dimensions145x80x25 mm
Displayliquid crystal display
Temperature modes8
Hysteresisautomatically controlled °C