TERMET ST-292 V3 is a weekly, programmable temperature regulator which allows for simple and efficient room temperature control. Has liquid crystal multifunction display of time, day, hour, current temperature and executed program of action. The regulator use its own battery power.

A BRief Summary

  • weekly heating program
  • three levels of room temperature
  • five pre-set programs
  • works in automatic and manual mode
  • remote programming of the boiler
  • fault diagnostics
  • connected with 2-wire unpolarised hose
Parameters Value
Setting range of room temperature 5-35 °C
Supply voltage 2 x battery 1,5V AAA
Temperature sinch 0,2 °C
Operating temperature 5-50 °C
Dimensions 120x94x24 mm
Display liquid crystal display
Contact load 1A/230V/50Hz
Temperature levels 2
Hysteresis 0,2-4 °C